A domain is a user-friendly and unique website address that you can acquire for your web site. It routes a numeric IP address that is applied to identify websites as well as units on the Web and it's much easier to remember or share. Every single domain consists of two different parts - the specific name that you choose and the extension. To give an example, in domain.com, “domain” is known as Second-Level Domain and it is the element you'll be able to pick, and “.com” is the extension, which is known as Top-Level Domain (TLD). You'll be able to acquire a brand new domain name via any accredited registrar organization or relocate an active one between registrars when the extension allows this feature. This kind of a transfer doesn't change the ownership of a domain name; the only thing that changes is the place where you'll be able to control that domain. The majority of the domain extensions are free for registration by all entities, but a variety of country-code extensions have certain conditions such as local presence or an active company registration.
Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Hosting
When you acquire a virtual private server package through us, you can also register a brand new domain name for your forthcoming site during the account ordering process. In case you'd like to have additional domain names, you'll be able to obtain them all at once using your VPS Control Panel afterwards. Based on your target country and the type of your websites, you will be able to pick from 50+ different domain extensions then register your names with those that will fit your preferences perfectly. Your brand new domain names will be accessible on the internet very quickly as we're an accredited registrar for most of the extensions plus we partner with the most important registrars for all the rest. If you wish to host domain names that are registered anywhere else, you can also shift them over and control them in one location using your VPS account. On our end, you'll have complete control of them, including DNS management, which is a solution that a number of other suppliers offer at an extra charge.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Web Hosting
Along with your dedicated server, you'll be able to register as many domains as you would like and control them via your server’s billing Control Panel. We provide tens of country-code and generic TLDs that you're able to choose from, so you can register the best domain names based on the nature of your websites as well as the countries and regions that you'd like to targeted. We're a licensed registrar for a number of TLDs, while for other extensions we partner with some of the largest registrars available on the market. This allows us to offer competitive prices, instant registrations along with exceptional administration services. You can also move your current domains and take care of them in one place with your dedicated server. We will renew them once your transfer process has been finalized.