When you are searching for a better hosting service and wish to change your hosting provider, you'll have to migrate the site content to the hosting servers of the new business. While this can be carried out without difficulty for a small HTML site, it may be more challenging to migrate a script-driven website, which employs a database, not to mention when you have a number of Internet sites. You'll have to migrate a lot of files, databases and e-mails, not mentioning that you shall have to import everything on the new hosting server and modify numerous system settings so that you can get the websites online on the new hosting platform. To save you the time and the effort to transfer your content, we offer a totally free site migration service, so based on the kind of Internet hosting and the particular plan you opt for, our tech support can easily transfer even multiple sites for you, making certain that the way they look and function shall be indistinguishable.
Assisted Website Migration in VPS Hosting
If you sign up for one of our Linux VPS hosting, we'll be able to move many Internet sites from your current hosting service provider at no additional charge on top of the monthly VPS cost. Because our servers run on Linux, your sites should also be running on such a hosting server and they must not be created through a closed online platform like Wix or Jimdo, but apart from that there aren't limitations as to what the Internet sites should be - WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart or custom-built ones. Our experienced tech support team shall start the migration the moment your Virtual Private Server is all set and you make contact with them. The length of time for the migration varies according to the number of websites and their size, but in most cases the whole process doesn't take more than 48 hours and this time includes detailed assessments to make certain that all websites shall work faultlessly on our end. You will be able to change the name servers of the domains which you want to host on the Virtual Private Server the moment we notify you that the information has been moved and you will not detect any downtime as the exact same content will be available on both hosting servers.
Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Web Hosting
If you've decided to change service providers because you need a more effective web hosting solution and you sign up for a dedicated server from our firm, we can move a number of websites at no additional cost and in just 48 hrs as we have a group of incredibly knowledgeable admins. Not only will they relocate the data for you, but they'll also change all of the necessary settings inside the configuration files of your websites and will check if everything is performing nicely before they notify you that the migration procedure has been performed. This service is available irrespective of the hosting Control Panel which you employ with the current host and the one which you order on our end. It also does not matter if you're using a custom site or a script like WordPress or Joomla because our admins can easily move any sort of Internet site which can run on Linux environment. The only Internet sites they are unable to migrate are ones designed on platforms like Wix, Jimdo or Weebly because they employ closed-source website builders and don't grant access to the actual files. As soon as everything is set up, you may change the name servers of the domains which you would like to be hosted inside the dedicated server and given that the content will be the same as the one you have on the servers of the current host company, you will not notice any disruptions.